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Games are a fun and engaging way to boost staff performance.

Games encourage friendly competition between staff around metrics that matter to your organization. Games encourage staff to compete around who can make the most progress toward goals and targets you've set in Arcade.

Active and completed games can be viewed via the 'Games' button in the Arcade sidebar.

To create and manage games, click 'Manage' in the sidebar, then 'Games' in the sub-menu. Please get in touch with your Arcade account manager if you cannot access this area of Arcade.

There are currently three types of games you can create in Arcade.

  • Bounty. Any player who reaches the target within a certain time period will win. Bounties are a great way to encourage teamwork by rallying everyone around the same goal.
  • Race. The first player to hit the target will be rewarded. Races encourage individual performance.
  • Tournament. The players who finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the tournament will win prizes. Tournaments are great for encouraging progress towards longer-term goals.

To create a game of your chosen type, click the appropriate panel.

Step 1: Game Rules

When creating a game you must set a target. If the metric associated with the game is measured in dollars, then the target should be a certain number of dollars (e.g. First person to sell $500). If the metric is unit-based, the target should be a number of units (e.g. First person to sell 10 post-paid plans).

You may want certain games to occur at a set time every week. For example, a 'Weekend Madness' game could reward the first person to reach a certain amount of sales on a Saturday. To do this, check the box next to 'Recurring game' and select your desired time period.

Step 2: Assign Players

If your game is relevant to everyone in your organization then you can choose 'Assign to all people'. Certain games may only be relevant to particular teams, people, or organizational roles. In this case, you can select specific teams and people to be part of your game. Each game requires a minimum of 3 players.

If you select a team for your metric you can see the people included. They will have a checkmark next to their name in the 'Individuals' list.

Step 3: Choose a Reward

Next you must choose a reward for your winner. Tokens are a good choice of reward because winners can choose how to spend them. You may also offer a custom reward.

Step 4: Finalize Your Game

The final screen allows you to finalize your game. You'll need to set a start date and time for your game. When the start time is reached a post will be published on the Newsfeed visible to everyone who is playing the game. This helps to ensure every player can participate.

Let the games begin!

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