Notification Settings

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Manage the types of notifications you receive from us. 

To customize the notifications you receive from Arcade, head to your profile and click on the rectangle icon in the Top right corner.

This will open your personal notification settings. Review the list and remove or add any of the scenarios that are the best fit for you. Click Save and your new settings will apply.

Muting Notifications for Chats

You can also choose to mute notifications for certain chats. This is helpful when you have certain conversations that need to take priority over others.

You have the option inside each chat or channel to Mute Notifications for that specific thread.

Select the thread you would like to mute & click the dropdown in the top right corner. At the bottom of the dropdown menu you will see the option to "Mute Notifications"

This will help ensure that the Push notifications coming to your phone are only the most relevant chats that you have selected.

You will see that the chat has been muted by the red silenced bell that appears next to the conversation on the Chat Menu.

Managing My Notifications Video Overview

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