Manage Token Budgets

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Setting a token budget allows for easy management of how many tokens your leaders can access on a monthly basis.

Providing team leaders with a monthly token budget is a great way to enable them to award their team & create games. Their token budgets will limit the amount they can access from the company balance for the month. This amount does not accrue - it's use it or lose it. Their total amount will reset at the start of each month.

Enabling Permission

In order to set a token budget for a team leader, you must ensure that they have the "Award Tokens" permission enabled.

Once that permission is activated, you will see their name appear in the Token Budgets section. By default, each user will have access to the entire Company Balance until you set their limit. To set their limit, click on the settings wheel & select "Edit Limit". Enter in the amount of tokens you want the individual to have access to each month & select "Submit". You will now see the Monthly Limit reflected in the list.

Now that a team leader has a Token Budget, they will see this budget reflected in the Award section.

As they are awarding tokens from their budget, you will be able to see this reflected in Token Budgets under the remaining balance. To get a detailed look at what each leader has awarded, click on the settings wheel & select "View History". This will bring you to a filtered list of that leaders token spend.

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