Email Whitelisting

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In rare cases, email providers block emails coming from Arcade. To ensure every Arcade email is delivered to your team member's inbox, we recommend adding Arcade's sending domain and IP addresses to your email provider's whitelist. A whitelist is used by an email provider to define sender's (like Arcade) which have permission to send email to your users and bypass any anti-spam or security blocks.

The details below can be used by your IT department to set up the whitelist for your organization. If you or your IT department have questions about how to add Arcade to your company's email whitelist, please email us at [email protected].

Whitelisting Settings


IP Addresses

Whitelisting Instructions By Corporate Email Service Providers

These instructions are for corporate-managed email service providers.

Whitelisting Instructions for Consumer Email Service Providers

We recommend the Whitelist Guide if you need to whitelist Arcade for consumer email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, and many others. Generally this is something that each team member will need to set up for themselves.

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