Clawback Tokens

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This allows an Arcade administrator to remove tokens from a user's token balance.

Sometimes mistakes happen & you need to take tokens you awarded back. Token Clawback allows you to remove tokens from a user's token balance.

Note: This is a permission based feature. If you do not have the Token Clawback permission you will not see this option. Contact your Arcade administrator to request this permission to be added to your account.

How to Clawback Tokens

In the Manage section, select the Users tab and find the person you need to remove tokens from. Clicking on their profile picture will open quicklinks - this is available as well by clicking on their profile picture in other areas of the app. At the top right of the quicklinks modal, select the dropdown and you will see "Clawback Tokens" display as an option.

The amount displayed in the Tokens field is the total number of tokens that person has in their available balance. Unless you need to remove their total balance, delete that number and fill in the number of tokens you need to remove.

Adding a Reason and Notifying

Then add in the reason the tokens are being removed. This will be used for tracking purposes in the Token History logs.

If you desire to alert the individual to your clawback, please check the Notify option. Review & select "Submit"!

History Log and Adjustments

As mentioned, token clawbacks will display in the Token History log. The transaction line will show the user, token amount & reason. If you need to quickly adjust a transaction you can always clawback tokens directly from the token log by clicking on a users profile picture to generate quicklinks.

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