All About the Newsfeed

Updated 2 years ago by Chris Desrochers

The newsfeed helps make Arcade the best employee communication tool for sales teams.

Where the action happens

The Arcade newsfeed is best way to keep up with all the action that's happening across your workplace.Your newsfeed provides a fun, quick snapshot of every thing going on across the company.Post updates, share wins and celebrate your teammates successes through comments and respect.

See who's viewed

Keep up to date with who else has viewed your post by selecting the ‘viewed’ option.

Removing a post

Remove content you create if needed or report inappropriate content created by others by clicking on the top right corner menu of the post.


Use tags (e.g. @JaneSmith) to make sure your colleague sees your newsfeed post or comment.


Click on any hashtag (e.g. #supersales) to see all the activity around that hashtag.

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