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There are a number of ways you can win chests on Arcade, the best sales and training gamification platform.

Completing quests

You can earn chests by completing quest, which will appear in your Arcade Profile (tap your display picture on the left side menu, and click profile).

Buying chests

You can purchase chests with your tokens, by heading to the 'Chests' section of your Rewards Center.

Opening chests

Each chest contains a number of different bounties. The rarer the chest, the bigger the bounties available.

Chests may contain:

  • Experience points to help you level up
  • Tokens you can use to purchase real-world rewards
  • A cute lemon. Does it have a purpose? We're not sure.
  • Collectable badges you can display alongside your profile image

Earning a Recognition Star

If you're awesome enough to be awarded a recognition star by one of your teammates you have a 50% chance of also receiving a random chest.

Winning the Superstar Award

If you're incredible enough to be awarded the Superstar award, then you'll also earn 3 x Level 3 chests.

Reporting a Bug

If you find a nasty bug in Arcade that you'd like us to swat, you can report it to your Arcade support person (found under 'Arcade' in your people list) and we'll award you with chest to say a thank you!

Winning Contests

If you have Goals active, each contest will have a bounty of chests that are available to win depending on the length of the contest. Monthly contest have the highest bounty of chests available for the the winners.

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