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Participate in chat channels through Arcade, an employee communication tool for retail and sales.

Open Conversations

It's fun to be included. Channels are a great way to include everyone in your workplace, and center communication around a specific topic; i.e. Marketing Promotions, Success Stories or Objection Handling Tips etc.

Creating a new Channel

When you create your own channel, you'll need to give it a title (pick a title that relates to the sort of discussion you'd like to exist within your channel).

You can also invite people to your channel, which will allow them to check it out and decide whether they'd like to 'join' and be a part of the conversation.

The great thing about channels, is that anyone can join at anytime. They are really flexible & non-exclusive so everyone in your workplace has the opportunity to participate.

You can search through available channels by simply selecting the  Channels button in the Chat area. When you select a channel, you will enter it in preview mode, which allows you to have a sneak peak into the channel discussion before choosing to join. Any channels you've joined will display in the Chat section under the 'Channels' header.

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