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Note: This is a permission based feature. If you do not have the Award Tokens permission you will not see this option. Contact your Arcade administrator to request this permission to be added to your account.

You can set up Teams to best reflect your organization. By setting up Teams, a Team chat will be created, you can run Team vs Team games & even use Team tags on the Newsfeed.

Users can only be assigned to one Team but their team assignment can be easily managed inside the Manage Teams section.

Create a new team

To create a new team, open up the Manage Teams section. Enter the desired team name & select Create Team.

Manage Team Information

To manage each Team, click on the Team name to open the details window. You are able to edit the Team & manage team membership. Use the search bar to add new team members by typing the desired additions name & selecting the green '+' button. Likewise you can remove users from a team by selecting the red 'x' button next to their name in the Current Members section.

Manage Team Membership

To manage user team assignments, you can always open the team details window and add them to a Team. In addition, you can use the users list below to find the individual and utilize the Team dropdown instead. Select the person you moving by clicking on their name. Adjust their team assignment by using the dropdown in the top left to select a new Team & hit Save!

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