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How to set up and manage your teams easily within Arcade.

The team management section in Arcade (located via Manage > Teams) gives you the control you need to setup and maintain your organizational structure inside the app. This guide will walk through creating a new team, updating team information, and how to move users amongst your organization.

Create a new team

When you get started, or later as your business expands, you can use the first form to create a new team.

The only required field is Team Name. Add a new team name, click submit, and you're good to go.

If you have an integration with us, include the integration identifier so our system matches your system. This value can be anything you would like, as long as it is unique per team.

Manage Team Information

The next section allows you to modify teams you have already created. To edit a team, simply click on the name in the list provided.

Once clicked, a modal will be provided where you can:

  • Update the team name
  • Update or add an integration identifier
  • Add / Remove individuals from team

Manage Team Membership

The final area of the team manage sections lets you change individual team membership details. Scroll or search for a user, and click the user to prompt the modal where you can select a new team:


If a user is removed from a team, they will be added to a new team called no team. Users need a team if you are using team-based games, so don't leave anyone team-less unless it's intentional!

If you need to remove a member from your organization, use the Manage > Users view instead of teams. See this guide for more information.

Lastly, we have not yet added functionality for deleting teams. If you make a mistake or need a team removed from Arcade, please contact support.

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