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Arcade Chat 2.0 is Here!

Arcade is pleased to announce Arcade chat has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier for teams to communicate with each other, on both iOS and Android. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Streamlined design makes it easier to start new conversations, and view existing ones 
  • Quickly jump back to your favorite conversations by favoriting people and channels 
  • Instantly find and send the perfect GIF for every message with newly support for GIPHY
  • Simply attach photos, videos, GIFs,  and files to messages
  • Attach photos, videos, files,  and GIFs to new chat messages
  • Improved performance and reliability 
View conversations

View recent chats grouped by favorites, direct conversations and channels (which can be public or private). Conversations are sorted by most recently sent.

Starting a new conversation 

Press the + button on the main screen to start a new conversation or create a new channel. 

When starting a new conversation, you can choose one or more people to send the message to. 

Note: If two or more people are selected, you will have the option to name the channel and set the channel’s visibility.  

Creating a new channel 

To create a new channel, press the + button on the chat screen and select two or more people. 

Next, provide a name of the channel and choose if the channel should only be accessible to invited members, or accessible to anyone in your company. 

If you need to change the channel visibility setting after the channel is created, delete the channel and recreate the channel.

Sending Photos and Files

Use the icons in the message compose panel to send a GIF, photo from a camera, photo, video or file.

Attach a GIF using GIPHY

Attach a GIF to any message by pressing the GIF icon and search to find the perfect GIF to accompany your message.

Manage a channel

From the manage channel options, you can perform the following actions:

  • Add to Favorite: Add the current channel to your list of favorites
  • View Members: View all the members of the channel 
  • Manage Channel: Manage the channel allows you to delete the channel and all the conversations in the channel
  • Leave Channel: Leave channel removes your member from the channel

Cancel: Cancel and close dialog 

Chat 2.0 Conversation Grouping

Chat 2.0 simplifies grouping of conversations into two categories, direct messages and channels. New conversations between two people are grouped as a direct message. Conversations with 3 or more people are grouped under channels.


Chat 2.0 Grouping

Chat 1.0 Grouping

2 people

Direct Message

Direct Message

3 or more people





Group Conversations

If you are using chat on the web and chat on mobile, the location where the conversation is grouped under may be different between the two platforms. Regardless if you are using chat on the desktop web app, chat 1.0 on mobile, or chat 2.0 on mobile, all of your conversations are available. The only difference you will see is the grouping. 

It is recommended that everyone in your organization update to the latest version of the mobile app so everyone has access to Chat 2.0 on their mobile device.

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