Earning Experience Points (XP)

Updated 2 years ago by Chris Desrochers

XP (experience points) are part of Arcade's employee rewards and recognition software.

What is XP for?

XP (or Experience Points) are points you can earn in Arcade by completing quests, unlocking chests etc. These points go towards your profile level in Arcade, which is an indicator of your experience and engagement within your team on Arcade.

As you increase your level, you can unlock perks in Arcade such as Traits & Badges.

How to earn experience points

You can earn XP by engaging in Arcade on the newsfeed and in the chat.

When you complete quests you will also earn XP, as well as opening chests & winning badges.

One way to earn a lot of XP is by receiving a recognition star from one of your Arcade teammates!

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