Monthly Leagues

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Leagues allow you to instantly create sales contests and leaderboards to help employees reach their goals.

Overview of a League

A League is a sales competition that runs every month in Arcade. The person or team that wins the League earns the Reigning Champ trait, which converts every chest that they win for the next month into a Legendary chest.

What Leagues Look Like

The League is a typical leaderboard that ranks each person or team based on their points total. If you are a player in the League, you can tap on the other players around you and see how many sales it will take for you to overtake or for them to catch up to you.

The top 3 players will be displayed at the top of the League with their profile pictures.

Who is the League Commissioner?

The Commissioner is the person who creates the League. Only people assigned with special permissions from your Arcade admin can create Leagues, and the Commissioner has the power to set rewards, disqualify players and verify results.

Other Prizes

The person who creates the League and sets the rules, can also assign prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

You can see what prizes are available to be won at the top of every League.

Rules of a League

Leagues can be created by admins in Arcade, and they are in charge of setting the rules.

Every League has a a sales focus, and rules on how to score points.

There are two different ways to score points. The first is simply your quantity of sales; for every sale you earn 1 point. The person with the most sales/points at the end of the month is crowned the Champion.

The second way to score points is by progressing towards your monthly target. This means you’ll earn a point for every 0.1 percent you progress towards your monthly target (and hopefully beyond). Again, the person with the most progress/points at the end of the month is crowned the Champion.

Who can be a part of a League

The answer is everyone on Arcade! If your admin has set up teams in Arcade then a League can also be created for teams.

What happens if someone cheats?

We leave the refereeing to the Commissioner who created the League. At the end of the month, the Commissioner will be asked to verify the results before awarding the players.

When does the next season start?

Each month, a new season of the League begins again and you have another opportunity to win.

Even if the results of last month’s League have not yet been verified by the Commissioner, the new season of the League will begin.

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